Senior Community Services
Home-Delivered Meals

For more than 40 years, Senior Community Services (SCS) and its affiliate, Senior Services Management Group (SSMG), have provided healthy and nutritious home-delivered meals to frail elderly residents of Delaware County to provide relief from food insecurity, prevent malnutrition, and extend the capacity of seniors to live independently in their homes. SCS provides meals to seniors who qualify for the OPTIONS program or participate in the state Medicaid Waiver program.

Home-Delivered Meals Respond to Poverty, Illness and the Threat of Malnutrition

SCS’ Home-Delivered Meals meet the needs of older adults who qualify for home-delivered meals on the basis of their annual income and functional ability to shop and cook for themselves.


HUMAN TOUCH: All consumers, regardless of delivery frequency, receive a regular wellness check and have social contact with their meal runner.
EXPERIENCE: SCS and SSMG have managed Delaware County’s home-delivered meal program for 42 years.
FRESH AND LOCAL: Philadelphia-based BTC Foods provides freshly-prepared, USDA-approved meals.
VOLUME: SCS and SSMG provide over 120,000 meals to OPTIONS and Waiver consumers every year.
COMMUNITY-BASED: Volunteers and staff from county senior centers deliver meals.
LOCAL IMPACT: Proceeds from the Home-Delivered Meal Program benefit Delaware County senior citizens.


SENIOR SUPPERS: OPTIONS consumers receive meals through this traditional meal program, which offers a varied monthly menu. (See the SENIOR SUPPERS Monthly Menu Here) Medicaid consumers are also eligible for this meal plan. Consumers make one choice for as long as they qualify for meals. Meals are delivered hot and fresh daily; consumers who are eligible for additional/weekend meals receive refrigerated or frozen meals.
LIL’S MEALS: Lil’s Meals put consumers in charge of their meal program. Medicaid Waiver consumers are eligible for this full-choice option, which offers consumers, their families, and service coordinators a wider variety of choices with regard to meals, meal type and delivery frequency. Consumers select their meals from an ample roster of delicious and healthy entrees, homemade soups, fresh salads, and luscious desserts made fresh daily. Delivery can be scheduled daily, semi-weekly or weekly and meals are delivered hot, refrigerated or frozen.

Click here to see the Lil’s Meals menu


TASTE – 91% of consumers agree/strongly agree that meals taste good.
PROFESSIONALISM -- 98% of consumers agree/strongly agree that their delivery person is professional and pleasant.
INDEPENDENCE – 98% of consumers agree/strongly agree that the meals they receive help maintain their independence.
SATISFACTION – 91% of consumers agree/strongly agree that they are happy with the quality of the service and meals they receive.

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