Senior Community Services
The Senior Community Services (SCS) Board of Directors are community members reflecting diversity in expertise, geographic representation, and demographic factors, such as race and age. Directors are dedicated to SCS' mission, supporting the agency both financially as well as through active participation. Members serve three year terms and must participate on at least one of SCS' six committees which provide guidance and oversight for the agency.

Board of Directors


Asher Kemp, Jr., President
Scott Schusko, President-Elect
Linton D. Stables, III, Vice President
Cyrise L. Dixon, Secretary
Cecily Venkatesh, Treasurer


Courtney Bethel, MD, MPH
Blaise Caponi
Thomas Carroll, MSW
Neal E. Cutler, PhD
Anne Grivas
Robert Healey, Sr.
Harry Jamison
Herb Jenkin
Angela McCarthy
Ed McLoughlin
Patrick McMenamin
Mandy Miskit
Erica G. Parham, Esq.
Sybil Schwartz
David J. Thorpe, Sr.
Jan Waldauer

Advisory Board
Dana Breslin, Esq.
video Terry Dougherty
Brian M. Duke, MHA, MBE
Alan Henderson
Joe Miller
David Page
Scott Richardson
Norma D. Thomas, DSW

Executive Director
Arthur Weisfeld

600 Swarthmore Ave.
Folsom, PA 19033
Phone: 610.237.8100

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