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A Support Service for Caregivers of Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities

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Are you caring for a loved one? Balancing work, childcare, and care for your older adult or adult with a disability? Let us help.

Counseling For Caregivers supports caregivers with a wide range of services. The Licensed Professionals at C4C:
1) Inform caregivers about available publicly and privately-funded services, programs, and insurance coverage (such as: Medicare and Medicaid).
2) Guide caregivers through enrollment and eligibility for available services, programs, and coverages.
3) Educate caregivers about disease progression.
4) Identify available respite services because caregivers need a break.
5) Counsel caregivers on providing care.
6) Coach caregivers on resolving conflicts and addressing challenging behaviors.
7) Advise on short or long-term needs.

Our Commitment
We never want you to feel that you are alone. We are committed to supporting and counseling caregivers throughout their role as caregiver: from adjusting to planning to supporting their loved one.

Expert Assistance
The licensed professionals at Counseling For Caregivers (C4C) provide expert, compassionate guidance for caregivers. For 40 years, we have helped older adults and their families navigate the often overwhelming process of ensuring consumers get the services they need and that caregivers get the support and counseling they need to maintain the health, happiness, and independence of their loved ones. Our compassionate approach respects that caregiving is rewarding but that it can also be stressful and full of unexpected moments. Let our experience guide, prepare, and support you.

Who We Are
Counseling For Caregivers is a program of Senior Community Services (SCS), a non-profit serving Delaware County's older adults and their families for 40 years. SCS is the county's largest provider of aging services, including in-home support programs, home delivered-meals, and four nationally accredited senior centers. SCS has an established network of resources in the aging field and an in-depth knowledge of services for older adults in Delaware County.

Services and Prices
Initial Counseling For Caregivers Needs Assessment + Creation and Initiation of Caregiver Counseling Plan - $350
* Package includes:
o In person meeting and home assessment. During this Needs Assessment, we meet with you and your loved one to listen to your concerns. We fully assess issues and needs for information, guidance, education, identification of respite and other supportive needs, counseling, coaching, and advice. We evaluate in-home safety, personal care, and household management needs and explore cognitive status, emotional needs, and social satisfaction. We anticipate that this will take approximately 3 hours.

o Caregiver Counseling Plan. Following the meeting, we will develop a comprehensive and individualized Caregiver Counseling Plan based on your needs and the needs, circumstances and preferences of you and your loved one. Also included is a list of any appropriate referral agencies and the estimated cost for services they provide. We Caregiver Counseling Plan will be presented to you for discussion before finalization. We will help connect you with referrals for services as well. And, follow-up within 2 weeks to check-in. We anticipate that this will take approximately 3 hours.

Ongoing Counseling and Support - $60/hr
* Following initial needs assessment and creation of counseling plan, our expert staff is available to work on implementation and ongoing monitoring of needs and services obtained. Schedule this as a regular (bi-weekly) or an ad hoc service as needs arise.

Caregiver University - $15/class
* Through our Caregiver University, caregivers can take our highly-rated courses for caregivers. Course offerings change over time with the needs of our caregiver. Recent classes have included:
o "First Aid and Caregiving"
o "Teamwork - It's Ok to Ask For Help"
o "Meeting your loved one where they are: They are not their diagnosis"
o "Technology: How it can help you in your caregiving tasks"
o "Understanding Fraud and other Common Preventable Concerns and Misconceptions"
o "I Never Saw this Coming- Grief and Loss in My Life as a Caregiver"
o "How to Manage Difficult Behaviors"
o "Hoarding and Helping Older Adults Reduce Clutter"
o "Non Traditional Caregiving"
o "What Does Good Nutrition Look Like?"
o "Relaxation Techniques for Caregivers"

**Some limited-income caregivers may qualify to receive some of these services for free.**

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